Phil Bodenbender

Phil Bodenbender

CrossFit Name



How long have you been doing CrossFit?

February 2013


What got you started in CrossFit?

I was looking for a program that would make me a stronger fighter. After throwing down a few wod’s and getting comfortable with uncomfortable, I later found that I was able to replace the intensity I found in kickboxing without blocking shin kicks with my face.


What is your Favorite Movement?

Heavy Squats


What is your proudest CrossFit moment?

Every time I win that internal battle within my self by never giving up and finishing what I started.


What inspires you as a coach?

I love hearing my athletes say “I can’t” and being part of showing them they can.


What other sports have you competed in or coached and at what level?

I fought Ameuter Muay Thai for a few years. In 2012 I fought for a BC Super Welterweight title. There is no better feeling than standing toe to toe with another trained fighter who is trying to take your head off and earning a knock out.


What is your Fran PR?

Not sure.


What type of music do you like to WOD to?

I like to mix up Metal and progressive house, basically anything that inspires me to move and push myself when that internal battle begins.


What is your # 1 GOAT?

Handstand walks


What is you favorite quote that you could inspire any athlete with?

Reflect on the past, consider the future but live for today because tomorrow may never come.