The Summer is in full swing, we hope you are enjoying the sunshine.  We have a few updates to share. 

Quick Summary:

  • Thank you, Coach Kristina!
  • FIT30
  • Programming updates
  • Speciality seminars
  • Storage boxes
  • Late cancellation fees

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Thank you, Coach Kristina

As many of you know Kristina will sadly be leaving us to continue her studies in Alaska.  She will be missed by many and we thank her for her positive can-do attitude and commitment to the community.  We are going to miss you … and your crazy challenges.  Best wishes to you Kristina!

Welcome Coach Dan Boissiere

We are welcoming Dan to the Coaching Team!  Dan is a Level 2 Coach with great passion and commitment to our sport. A message from Dan:  

“My name is Daniel Boissiere and I’m from Oakville Ontario. I’ve been doing CrossFit for 3 and a half years and coaching for 2 and a half. Before CrossFit, I played football at Mount Allison University for 5 years and graduated with a degree in psychology. Outside of CrossFit I enjoy hiking and most outdoor activities. I moved to BC a year ago so I’m still new to the area but I’m excited to work with all the great people at CFNW. “


Starting in September, we will be offering 30-minute HIIT classes.  These classes will be short and fun and will be running midday, outside of our regular CrossFit schedule.  We will be offering new membership rates for these classes and there will be no requirement to complete fundamentals. These quick sessions will provide a great burn and will focus on bodyweight movements and bikes/rowers. 

If you have any friends or family who are interested but haven’t quite yet made the jump into CrossFit, this could be a perfect start.  As an additional benefit, these classes will be included in your monthly memberships for no additional cost.  More details are coming soon. 

August Programming focus

We are finishing up our Wendler (5-3-1) strength cycle with a Heavy 1-Rep test for Back Squat, Sumo Deadlift and Strict Press.   “Strength is never a weakness” – Mark Bell!

The final full week of August (8/23), marks the 9th week of the cycle for the re-test, get ready for some heavy action!  We are also going to see a few staple benchmarks in the coming weeks, including; Mary, Straight 100, Rannie, and Death Row and of course the Cali-Bear!  

Speciality Seminars

Now that life is returning to normal we would like to start running our speciality workshops again.  In the past that has included Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Handstands/Pull-ups and Nutrition.  If there are specific workshops/skills you would like please email us or just tell us next time you see us in the gym 🙂

Storage Boxes

Do you need a box for your box!? We have a great new set-up at the entrance of the gym where you can have your own box to store your gym things. 

A great solution to keep your ropes, chalk, shoes etc. at the gym. Please let us know if you would like a box, and we will provide and label one for you. 

Box rental is $5/month.

Late Cancellation Fees

In an effort to use every one of our available spots and minimize waitlists for all classes, we have introduced a Class Cancellation policy:

4 hours before each class or open gym and by 8 pm the night before 6 am classes.

We know some other gyms require 12 hours for all classes but know that life happens and there needs to be flexibility to be able to cancel and move to a different time.

If you cancel past those time windows or are a no show for your reserved slot Wodify will automatically process a $35 late fee payment.

The purpose of this setup is to allow waitlisted members to get enough time to get a cancelled spot.  We will run this new policy for a few months and evaluate its effectiveness.  We don’t want to process late fees – we would prefer everyone just gets a spot in class.