Happy Fall!  The pumpkin spice lattes and hoodies season is here.  With this being Thanksgiving weekend we would also like to take a moment to reflect and appreciate you. CFNW is a community and exists only because of wonderful and amazing people like you.  We are so proud to call CFNW home and look forward to many more fun and memorable times together.

We have a tonne of updates to share, please read on. 

Quick Summary:

  • Introducing meal services – 2 Guys With Knives 
  • Fall apparel order (limited volumes) 
  • Bringing back the huddles
  • Personal training
  • Scheduling updates

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It’s meal prep time

Being a member of the CrossFit New West family just got tastier! We’re excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with 2 Guys with Knives to bring you the absolute best in fitness nutrition-based meal prep.

  • 1st order: Exclusive entree pricing of $12.99/ea + receive 20% off your on your first order, with promo code #CROSSFITNEWWEST
  • From your 2nd order on: exclusive entree pricing of $12.99/ea
  • All menu items are already preprogrammed into MYFITNESSPAL for easy macro logging
  • New menu every week
  • Customize your dishes in a couple of quick clicks for paleo, ketogenic, vegan, low carb, etc. options
  • Meals will be delivered to the gym every Monday between 12 pm-1 pm.

How to order

  1. Follow the direct link to create your account:  https://2guyswithknives.com/crossfit-new-west-introduction
  2. On the Check Out page, enter the promo code #CROSSFITNEWWEST on your first order to receive 20% off.
  3. When checking out, select “Pick-Up” option and the rest will autopopulate.
  4. There’s no subscription required. You are welcome to jump on and off from week to week.

Fall Apparel Order

It’s fall apparel time! Order your new gear with 2021 Games inspired design.

We are not ordering many extras, if you want to guarantee size, please pre-order.

If you would like multiple sizes, quantities, just submit another form.

Bringing back the huddles

Taking one more small step towards “normal” operations.  Hard to believe it’s now been a few weeks without the orange tape on the floor.

Now, with confirmation of vaccination status, we can finally use ropes and share equipment, which allows for a much better class layout and flexibility for different workouts. 

Going forward we’ll start the classes as we’ve always done in the past – by the TV screen in a circle and let the coach organize the group to better fit that day’s WOD.

Of course, please continue to wear a mask when not exercising as per current PHO regulations. 

Personal Training

We are developing a value-based Personal Training offering.  We are very excited about this as it serves the purpose of working on specific goals, helping those whose schedules are really tricky, couples can work out together, or a small group of friends (up to 3), and a great way to make noticeable progress on whatever your goal may be.  Please send us a note if this is something you would be interested in.


Our new FIT30 classes are now live! It’s a fun, quick and sweaty workout for the days when you don’t have time for a full hour or just a little extra. 

These classes are included in your CrossFit membership and currently running Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday @ 11:30am-12 noon.  Please reserve in Wodify by 8pm the night before so we know to run the class for the next day.  Please share these new classes with your friends! They do not require Fundamentals to get started and more class times will be added as the programs grows.

Schedule Updates

Holidays hours:  A quick note on holiday hours.  It is very common for most CrossFit gyms across the province to be closed completely on holidays.  We want to make sure to find the right balance and always have an option for some fitness. 

Having experimented with different times and options, we have settled on mid-morning classes during Stat Holidays.   

New class times:  Based on your feedback, we have added 12 pm noon classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.  If you are looking for class times outside of our usual offering please let us know as we are continuously evaluating our schedule and adapting to serve our community.

Halloween:  We will be hosting a Level 1 CrossFit course Saturday, Oct 30 and Sunday, October 31.  Instead of morning classes, we will be running a Saturday evening Halloween class at 6:30pm.  Please come dressed up and ready for a scary work out 🙂

Storage Boxes

Do you need a box for your box!? We have a great new set-up at the entrance of the gym where you can have your own box to store your gym things. 

A great solution to keep your ropes, chalk, shoes etc. at the gym. Please let us know if you would like a box, and we will provide and label one for you. 

Box rental is $5/month.

Wodify app reminder

Please remember to delete the old “black” version of Wodify App as it will stop working soon.  Look for a new and improved “Wodify Client” app on either Apple or Google stores.