Hi everyone!

Happy May ūüôā Hurray for longer days and warmer weather!¬† We have a few fun updates for you so let’s jump in:

Quick Summary:

  • Consistency challenge
  • Refer a friend contest¬†
  • Olympic lifting promo

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Spring Consistency Challenge

  • 6 weeks May 15 – June 30
  • Pick the number of class times you would like to consistently reach over the 6 weeks
  • Write your name off the posters in the community area at the front of the gym
  • Track your progress each week with stickers
  • Do not overtrain just to reach your target.¬†¬†Getting outside for 30 minutes or more of exercise counts toward your numbers
  • Bonus point when getting some outdoor activity, post and tag #crossfitnewwest
  • If you meet your target for the 6 weeks you will be entered to win 1 of 3 super prizes
  • If you need a rest day but still want to come to class you can some and stretch or do mobility work to count towards your target

Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of consistency.

Refer a friend contest

Also running until the end of June

  • Refer a friend to CrossFit, FIT30, personal training or Sunday Sweat
  • Please email info@crossfitnewwest.com or message 604.828.2844 to help them get all set up and reserve them a spot
  • Top referral by the end of June will receive a complimentary month of membership and much appreciation!

Spring Programming focus

We are continuing our Strength phase, running from April to June.  At the 12 week mark, we will have a de-load week and then we will test your strength gains by using the CrossFit Total as a measurement of our progression.

This phase consists of 4 specific waves to cover all basis for all levels of athletes:

Wave 1: Max effort: High intensity.

In these intensity weeks, we focused on the LOAD stimulus. This means our Part A’s were heavy and designed to be performed for max load.

Wave 2: Speed & Power

Our Part A’s here will be all about the application of FORCE. The intent of each piece is to perform any lifts and/or strength pieces with the intention of moving quickly and assertively.

Wave 3: High volume 

Part A’s will hypertrophy reps schemes, we will perform much higher rep schemes and perform most pieces in superset formats.

The metcons will be focused predominantly on strength endurance (Rep scheme per round is higher, example: Cindy XXX vs Tradition Cindy)

Wave 4: General Capacity

Part A‚Äės will include a variety of max efforts, speed and power and high volume to pull everything together.

Weightlifting Promotion

Congratulations to Coach Maggie and her family, they welcomed their little girl Kali last week!

Going forward Coach Kayla will be taking over Weightlifting classes and we have some exciting updates:

  • For the rest of May and until the end of June Unlimited Olympic Lifting classes will be included in your membership.¬†¬†Please email us to take advantage of this (as we need to adjust your Wodify account).¬†¬†Currently, memberships include 1 class per calendar month.
  • Classes will be structured and led similar to our regular CrossFit programming, but with an exclusive focus on technical and strength improvements for the Olympic lifts.¬†

Weightlifting classes are a fantastic resource for new members and seasoned members to help improve and refine technique and efficiency for Clean and Jerk and Snatch movements.

Please check our weekly classes schedule as we are adding more Weighlifting slots during the week. 

Schedule Updates

FIT30 (fast not easy) –¬†Now running Monday – Thursday @ 11:30am-noon.

Please reserve by 8 pm the night before so we know to run class.

Open Gym –¬†New spots¬†Monday – Thursday 10:30am – 11:30am.

Sunday Sweat Р10 am and 5 pm.  Let us know if you want to bring a friend. 

A reminder the CFNW hike is planned for May 14-15.  Saturday and Sunday morning classes will still run but Olympic Lifting class will be cancelled for that weekend.